About NIOart

It all started with the search for an orange table and resulted in establishing a workshop producing custom-made furniture. Since 2012, we have been arranging flats, houses and offices, designing interiors and supplementing them with the equipment of the world's best manufacturers. Our team is composed of selected staff consisting of architects, carpenters and designers. We also cooperate with external architecture offices.

While executing projects we remember that this is an investment for at least a few years - and the natural need of each of us is to build a friendly, aesthetic and functional environment. Thanks to the huge availability of equipment and materials of the highest quality, combined with design based on visualizations created jointly with customers and individual carpentry workmanship of furniture and entire buildings, it is possible to meet this need.

Our partners are companies that are leaders in their industries, so we know that we recommend you and use the best products. We work with Blum, Peka, Hettich, Smeg, Miele, Egger, Pfleiderer and Ellecia, among others.


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